What should I feed my rabbit?

All our rabbits are fed a balanced rabbit feed, timothy hay, seasonal greens, and clean fresh water.

Each of our Holland Lops receives 1/2 a cup of Purity grain, a balanced 15% rabbit pellets everyday and our American Chinchillas receive 1 cup of the same pellets daily. As well as grain, it is important that rabbits have unlimited access to Timothy hay. This is important, not only for a healthy gut but also for their teeth. Rabbits teeth grow their entire life, so they need fiber to chew to help wear them down. If they are not worn down, they will overgrow and make it impossible for the rabbit to eat.

Seasonal greens are something else that we feed our rabbits. Though lots of people like to feed them daily, we tend to only feed them weekly. We grow our rabbits kale, spinach, parsley, basil, cilantro, 4 types of mint, and lemon balm. During the summer months, we take the excess greens and dehydrate them to have on hand for winter months. This year we are going to try and grow some extras to share with our rabbit friends, keep an eye on our Goodies page.

As always, it is extremely important that your rabbit has fresh clean water all the time. Rabbits can easily get dehydrated which can lead to a sudden death. Sometimes we add Apple Vinaigrette in their water, as it is believed to with gut health and inflammation.

Sometimes we add things to our rabbits grain to help them gain weight, produce milk for nursing does, and/or give them a shiny coat.
Calfmana- This is a supplement grain that we add to rabbits grain to encourage them to eat, gain weight, or to help does with milk production. We usually add a tsp a day to a rabbits food, as needed.
B.O.S.S. (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds)- These are often fed to our rabbits for weight gain and to create a nice shiny coat. They should not be used regularly in the summer, as they are considered a “hot” feed.
Rolled Organic Oats- Rolled oats are sometimes used here to help a rabbit gain weight or to encourage them to eat.
Fodder- Fodder is something that we sometimes grow and feed to our rabbits. It is fresh oat grass in which we grow using only water, which allows us to feed the entire plant, roots and all. We do this seasonally, as it grows best in only certain months. When we feed fodder, we usually cut the rabbits grain back to 1/4 cup of pellets a day, as this supplements them sufficiently.